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Do you ever have a tough time (no pun intended) getting your meat or your bread to cook just right?  

Are you nervous about over or under cooking? Welp. You don't have to worry anymore.  Take the guess work out of cooking.  Click below for your FREE guide in an easy PDF printable format. 

When you cook or bake, do you ever want a different alternative besides straight up table sugar? 

I got you!  I created a sweetener alternative guide with 9 alternative sweeteners complete with ratio substitutions and glycemic indices.  Click below for your FREE guide in an easy PDF printable format. 

Do you want to save money for your family, provide healthy meals for your family and not spend hours in the kitchen? Then you need to download my FREE meal planner and shopping list templates. Meal planning is designed specifically for busy families.  Meal planning is effective not only financially, but it also can be important for weight loss and a stronger immune system.

As a bonus, listen to my podcast where I go deeper into meal planning and how it gets you better results in your health. Plus why I use 2 templates instead of 1!

>>>>Listen to the podcast here!

Love chocolate?

I don't know about you, but I am tired of going to the internet and finding recipes that 1) don't work, 2) are completely wrong, 3) have missing instructions and missing ingredients and 4) seem to be untested.

I finally had had enough and decided to write my own. I even self published it on iBooks! TA DA!

These are my 5 Delicious Chocolate Recipes That Are Easy to Make. Tested, tried and true! All in a neat, tidy and mighty little bundle.

All of them have cane sugar substitutes and nut butter (or seed butter) substitutes, and can be made gluten and dairy free.

While there are only 5, they are a MIGHTY 5!

The best part? It only costs $4.99! How could you pass this up?

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