Sweet Beans!

Do you want to learn how to cook from scratch, ditch unhealthy pre-packaged foods AND be entertained? You have come to the right place! When you think of it, the best education is the one that comes with a bit of entertainment thrown in.

Hello friends, my name is Cristina. I am an upstate New York born Italian girl who relocated to Georgia.  I am a health coach and meal creator.  I specialize in helping you ditch the pre-packaged food and make healthy meals using ingredients you can pronounce.  I want to help you make your kitchen your happy place!

Before you open a box, order take out, get fast food or throw all your pots away in frustration, check out my cooking videos. The recipes you see on my channel are the recipes that I make for my family too. 

Ciao for now!

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Come on over and hang out with me in my kitchen where I show you how to cook with ingredients you can pronounce.  I aim to be short, precise and ever so goofy.  

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